Facade improvement program

The Town of Hillsboro encourages property owners to improve the appearance of housing exteriors and properties through the Façade Improvement Program. The goal of this program is designed to aid Hillsboro residents and property owners with small exterior projects to improve the overall appearance of their home and/or property.
Residents within the Town’s boundaries are encouraged to apply for exterior improvement projects for their owner-occupied property that advance the Façade Improvement Program mission. Properties that are listed for sale are not eligible to participate.

Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to exterior work that significantly improves the appearance of facades and other visible sections of housing exteriors. Priority will be given to projects that restore a building’s historic appearance and enhance the visual street appeal.
including but not necessarily limited to:
Exterior scraping, caulking and painting
Window repair (new screens, broken glass repair, glazing, etc.)
Minor siding, trim and repair or replace shutters
Board replacement in porches, stairs or ramps
Replacement of windows and doors
Cleanup, brush/junk removal
Weather stripping
Extensive siding and trim repair or replacement
Porch or wheelchair ramp construction
Foundation repair (visible)
The Town of Hillsboro application form and any required attachments or supporting information must be submitted in its entirety for the project to be considered.

All projects are subject to approval by the Commissioners of Hillsboro. The Commissioners, along with those related to the Commissioners that would otherwise qualify, are not eligible. All work must be performed by a licensed and insured contractor or the property owner.
Application packets must be submitted to the Commissioners of Hillsboro. Once received, applications will be reviewed by the designated Commissioners for:

A recommendation on local approval/rejection

Submission to the MD Department of Housing and Community Development for final approval/rejection. This step in the process also includes approvals led by DHCD personnel from the Maryland Historical Trust and the DHCD Codes Administration office Get form at: https://mht.maryland.gov/documents/PDF/projectreview/Compliance_Forms_Projectreview.pdf

Owner occupied – provides up to 50 percent funding reimbursement (limit $2,500)

Grants are awarded for eligible, owner-occupied property owners within the Town of Hillsboro for projects with a total cost of at least $500 and up to $5,000 (for a maximum reimbursement level of $2,500). Projects costing over $5,000 may be accepted, however the maximum award will be $2,500.

No funds are provided in advance of project completion. All invoices for the entire project must be paid by the grantee and then submitted to the town for reimbursement at the eligible percentage rate. Receipts for cash payments will not be eligible for reimbursement. The town will request reimbursement from the state. Upon approval, work must begin within 90 days and be completed within 180 days. Final receipts must be submitted within 45 days of completion to ensure program funds are efficiently distributed. Please note that getting checks cut at the state level may take some time.

The Town of Hillsboro reserves the right and authority to approve projects outside of the project-cost limits and eligibility rules outlined above, on a case-by-case basis at its discretion and with prior consent of the Commissioners and DHCD.

All work must comply with all applicable permitting and code requirements. Funds will not be reimbursed until the Planning Commission confirms in writing that all necessary permits have been obtained and all work has been completed according to code. Failure to do so could result in a rejection of any reimbursement request and violations from the Town of Hillsboro.
Town of Hillsboro
Applications must be submitted at https://hillsboromd.com/facade/facade-application/ or to PO Box 128, Hillsboro, MD 21641.
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